Patient Testimonials

I started visiting Alexandria Hearing Centers because I had heard others were satisfied with the hearing center. Since then I have been a customer for years. The office is always clean and professional. The receptionist is helpful, friendly and always has a nice appearance. Howard is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The staff provides the best aids and excellent service all the way around. Howard is not just in it as sales person, he wants and demands the best aids and service for his customers and the most economical he could supply. Howard knows hearing aids better than anyone. He is honest, professional and fair with all people. He tries his best realizing that loss of hearing is traumatic and hard for people to accept and deal with. He is compassionate and does his best for everyone. I wouldn’t want any other hearing aids professional to take care of my needs. He is the bet of them all, honest, professional and kind. He is the best. I highly recommend Alexandria Hearing Aid Center, they have been good to me! – Beverely Ehrich
I was recommended to Alexandria Hearing Centers by my friend that had gotten her and her husband’s hearing aids here and were very satisfied. The staff is very good and the receptionist is always very pleasant. I have had excellent results, hearing has improved a lot and it’s so nice not to have people repeat things! I loved how Howard explained everything so I could understand when I first received them. He didn’t rush through the procedure at all! – Carol Thorsen
I first visited Alexandria Hearing Centers when I was recommended to them by a relative. The staff is great to work with and Howard is so good at explaining everything! My results have been absolutely perfect. There has been NO problems since day one! I love how accommodating it is when I make an appointment and the secretary is always so helpful and pleasant. – Donna Thoresen
I came to Alexandria Hearing Centers because I have a tumor in my right ear and could not understand people when they were talking to me, but after their services I have very great hearing now! just love the staff they are excellent. I like how the staff is not pushy, they are very kind and extremely helpful when I needed it. I have been hearing impaired since 1998, I’m on my third pair of hearing aids. The hearing has progressively worsened over the years. Now I am approximately 95% deaf in the right side and 50% on the left. But they always take care of any problems I have and I’m so grateful! -Leonard W. Rost
I love working with Alexandria Hearing Centers because they have such a good explanation of service and are very knowledgeable about the business. They are always very interested in helping with any hearing problem that exists and willing to solve the problem. It’s so relaxing knowing that they can and will solve the problem if at all possible.all possible. – Wanda J. Stone
I started coming to Alexandria Hearing Centers because so many people had said that it was a great place to get hearing aids. It’s also so close by and it’s great to be able to stop in whenever it needs work or adjustments. I love the staff there and I never have to wait long. They have solved my hearing problems and they also help with any hearing aid problems. They have always done a great job for me, even when I just stop in. Thank you for all your help! – Lawrence (Lou) Haugen
Alexandria Hearing Centers’ staff is great and I’m very pleased with the work that they’ve done. I love Howard and the receptionist! I would go nowhere else! – Gloria Lee
I was recommended by a friend to come to Alexandria Hearing Centers. It didn’t take me long to realize that they were professional, welcoming and efficient. I am very satisfied with the hearing aids that I purchased there and it helped greatly that everything was explained so well! – Nancy Thornberg
Oh my Gosh!! My whole world opened up when I got my hearing aids- it was amazing! I was not hearing as well as I should. I had quit attending meetings because I was not able to hear. I could only hear about one out of twenty words that the priest said in church. They were so helpful and friendly- always willing to answer my questions, adjust and clean my hearing aids, and retest when necessary. – Jeanie Brever